Desgin Landing Page That convert Lead and sales

As a New York business owner, you may ask what exactly is a landing page? A “landing page” is any webpage where a visitor enters or lands on your website. From a marketing and the website performance perspective a “landing page” is a page that is specifically designed to help visitors make an informed decision in order complete the desired goal. Studies have shown that currently about 80% of PPC campaigns, send traffic to poorly designed web pages, sadly resulting in mismatched messaging from the ad, low conversions, and unclear funnel paths. There is a way to make your promotions and campaigns, pay off better! It is called landing page optimization.

What is landing page optimization? Landing page optimization services are the process of creating well-designed offer pages from which visitors click thru from campaigns ranging from PPC ads, Remarketing, SEO, Display advertising or Paid Social Ads.  Providing multiple versions of a website’s landing page with specifically targeted ‘calls to action’ (CTAs), web copy and images for a very specific audience can make all the difference in whether the user converts or not.   Your company’s conversion path may consist of a web app, shopping cart, a single landing page, a microsite, or a registration form, in any case the conversion optimization comes down to running A/B and split testing to collect enough data to implement functionalityCTA, ad copy or design changes to lift conversions.  Our team of designers, copywriters can align ad creative and targeted keywords with display and SEM campaigns to create a consistent post.


Uncover insights and make changes
to understand your users

Having spent the past 7 years focused on building user experiences that have yielded thousands of users sharing, onboarding and inviting their friends to our client website’s, we have learned a few things:

1. Every element on the page adds or subtracts emotional energy
2. Inspiring users is as important as reducing friction

Companies should think about every UX interaction as an emotional event. But far from being random or beyond our control, emotion-driven interactions can be broken down into components, optimized at each step and replicated to get better results for onboarding and conversion.
As an example,  when Vab Media Digital Agency conducts A/B testing, we take a look at things like CTA button copy and color, product or service page layout, and trust factors on the page. Testing these to find variations of the same page that perform better will help your website to perform better is a great idea and can often lead to substantial increases in your website’s overall conversion rate.

We Work to Fulfill the Needs of Your Website’s Users.

What Makes Our Landing Page Design Different?

In-Depth Research

We’ll learn what motivates your visitors to convert,
and reverse engineer a path that’s attractive.

Visitor Psychology

Do multi-step pages work better than a single step page?
Micro-conversions build momentum.

Custom Work

We don’t use templates. Our team can build custom landing pages
that are individually designed for your business.

There are many factors that can influence landing page conversions:

  • Campaign goals– the purpose of the campaign is very important, it will impact the design of the landing page, from what the copy and messaging is, to how you will convert the user.
  • The design colors and images – does the design and imagery reflect the offer in a way that will make the visitors respond emotionally to it.
  • Traffic sources–  where was the person was before they clicked on your offer can have an impact on a landing page’s conversion. Email campaigns and PPC can have clearer user intent, then people searching organically about a subject or problem, so optimizing organic landing pages may take additional copy, time and value propositions.
  • Content, headlines, and CTA – whatever keywords you are bidding on or targeting, the text in the email or ad has to match the offering and message on the landing page they are sent to.
  • Form fields – in most cases, you want to collect the smallest amount of info that you can, especially if the ad is viewed from a from a mobile device, the more fields you add the chances of the visitor getting frustrated and not filling everything out increases.  In some case there are exceptions to this rule.
  • Readability of the copy –  The content on your landing page should be easy to read and scan quickly, keep it conversational, using bullet points, Most people will quickly scan the headline and some of the text to determine if they are interested in the offer.
  • Thank you responses – make sure your thank you pages are more than just a confirmation page, it’s good to follow up with an email, and provide other relevant resource guides and blog posts to increase trust.
  • Nurturing leads and following up – depending on what your company’s product or service costs, the sales funnel may be more than one step before the customer decides to purchase or take the trial. Make sure you have, follow up emails set up to help move them further along the customer journey. These are people that have shown interest in your offering and are more likely to convert.

Web Analytics Conversion Funnel Analysis

Web analytics is foundational to every campaign, every platform, basically everything involved with understanding user experience, which is the backbone of conversion optimization.   Without it, we are flying completely blind and without a purpose.  Are there any drop offs in your conversion funnel or e-commerce shopping cart abandonment?  It is imperative to understand its purpose and usage, and how to exploit its capabilities to the fullest.  But any analytics manager or digital marketing analyst will eventually come to the point at which all of the data look the same and no longer yield answers. The deeper analysis most e-commerce concerns need requires years of hands-on experience and study to understand the sophisticated relationships between analytics data sets and what they tell us about user behavior and experience.

Vab Media’s Landing Page & Conversion Optimization Services:

  • Landing Page Optimization Strategy & Consultation
  • A/B & Multivariate Split page Testing
  • Conversion Optimization Audit (page, section, or full site)
  • Persuasive Copywriting
  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Audience & Buyer Persona Development
  • Targeting & Segmentation Strategy
  • Landing Page Layout & Design and Wireframes
  • Landing Page Template Development
  • Organic Landing Page Strategy (SEO conversions)
  • Mobile Optimization & Responsive Design
  • Usability Analytics Tracking (Heatmaps, click maps, eye-tracking software)
  • Web Analytics & Goal Tracking
  • Test Plan Development