Drive More traffic to your website by achieving First Page Rankings in search engines for valuable keywords

Did you launch a website, but don’t know how to get visitors? When searching for the products or services you offer, does your web listing come up on the first page? Does your content explain your services and products well?  How will people find out about you?


 Make it easy for your customers to find your services or products online.

Leverage search engines and individual websites to help others find your products or services. 

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most challenging and rewarding online marketing pursuits imaginable. It’s completely different than all other marketing efforts, one simply can’t buy their way to the top, well many brands are using Paid Search strategies to try and do just that.  Organic SEO takes innovative strategies, consistent execution, and a deep understanding of the metrics and algorithms of search engines.


When we create websites, we feel that it’s not just important to make things work and look good.  We feel it’s also important to structure it so that search engines can find them more easily.  By using search engine optimization techniques, your products or services will be found more easily by people searching for the products or services you provide. Optimizing for search engines is becoming more important every day. More traffic equals more customers. Look here to see recent SEO case studies by Vab Media.  

Here is a list of some of SEO components WDMA performs for clients:  



Keyword search finds & uncovers valuable commercial intent search terms. 


Website architecture and content are optimized to increase rankings.


Internal and external link building are performed to help build domain trust.


Google analytics and other tools are used to measure (ROI) results achieved

WDMA SEO Process

Our 5 step SEO process ensures that your company gets the highest ROI for our Services  

In efforts of making the internet better for all user’s Google has decided to lower the rankings of many websites with poor content.  They now are downgrading websites they think are spammy, or low quality.  In February of 2011 Google rolled out what is known as the Google’s Panda UpdateWhich now has changed SEO for the better, bringing things back to the basics of content creation – making good useful content. In other words, what interests people, what they want to read and/or what drives them to buy stuff online – content that actually belongs in the top positions for Google search results.

75% of web traffic originates from search engines.

Paid Search & SEO

SEO Case Studies

We perform search engine optimization campaigns with the goal of achieving 1-page rankings, but also our client’s bottom line. We measure success on true KPIs: Revenue, qualified leads or whatever else grows your business. Maximizing the return on investment through SEO is a top priority as well as providing our clients with effective strategies into how to increase their online conversions through other forms of marketing. When your brand combines organic SEO with Profitable Efficient PPCsocial media and superior content,  you can create content and ads that will reach the right customers to grow your business online.     


After less than 6 months of working with Coworkrs’s paid media and PR efforts to boost more traffic and qualified lead conversions to their “Become a Member” book a tour form landing page, we helped them increase the website’s total goal completions to 222 during (November 27 to December 27), of which organic search (77) was the biggest driver of conversions:

  • Lowered the bounce rate from 36.51% to 3.28%
  • Increased the website’s conversion rate to 4.86%    
  • Increased monthly book a tour form sign-up goal conversions by 3750%